The Krobo Collection

This year’s summer 2015 collection is inspired and centered on the Krobo bead, named after the Krobo people. This intricate style of powder glass beads originates from Ghana, commonly produced by Krobo craftsmen and women of the South-Eastern region. In the Krobo culture, these powder glass beads have great symbolic significance. they can represent different stages of maturity, wealth, beauty, social status, power, authority and identity. 
As I learn about Krobo beads, I am taken back by how unique the process of making these beads is. Different types of recycled glass are finely ground, then distributed in molded clay kilns and fired until the glass fuses. Different sequences on the glass are formed by layering different coloured ground glass and beads can even be decorated with glass slurry decorations which become fused in a second firing. It is this intricate process that strongly inspired me to seek out these beads and to create a collection that celebrates Krobo culture and the significance and beauty of Krobo beads.
This summer 2015 collection features two types of Krobo beads, fused glass fragment beads and 'Mue ne Angma' beads which have decorations fused onto the glass beads. I have thoughtfully combined a range of Krobo beads, with Pyrite, Titanium plated Quartz, Brass, Ebony Wood and Bone to create beautiful pieces that convey our brand philosophy - purpose, value, appreciation and collaboration. Every piece is named after cities across the South Eastern region of Ghana and the collection by the people themselves.